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Our Therapists

Jenna Kraft, LCSW
Owner | Director | Therapist

Jenna is an energetic and engaging therapist, consultant and clinical supervisor. As the founder of DGCW, she has dedicated herself to helping people heal, grow and thrive for almost 15 years. Through her work with individuals and couples, Jenna has learned that an interactive, client-centered and collaborative treatment approach is most effective.

oversees clinical operations at DGCW, provides consultation to educators, other therapists and interdisciplinary professionals and is a frequent contributing writer and speaker to mental health blogs, articles and panels/community events.

As a clinician, Jenna partners with you to define and achieve your goals, ensuring a path towards swift and meaningful change. She brings special interest and skill to helping people heal from anxiety, self-criticism, marital/relationship conflict, attachment trauma, codependency and those facing stress and burnout from 'doing it all.'
Jenna has certification and training in the following types of therapy: Psychodynamic/Insight-oriented, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Emotion-focused, Narrative, The Gottman Method, Dialectical Behavioral (DBT), attachment-based, trauma-informed and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Jenna will help amplify your voice, harness your strengths and create tools that lead you towards clarity, connection and peace.

Email Jenna here.
Call Jenna at (630) 426-9719. 

Request an appointment with Jenna via online portal here.

Jenna Kraft

Meredith Entler, LCPC
Clinical Supervisor Therapist

Meredith works with adults, adolescents and couples, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She specializes in a variety of presenting issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-harm and co-occurring disorders. 


Meredith believes that everyone deserves access to care that meets them where they are, not where society expects them to be. She has worked with a broad range of clients from diverse cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. She is committed to helping people find healing and balance and considers it a privilege to do this work. She has a passion for serving others and for creating safe spaces for all.


Meredith utilizes Psychodynamic Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Health at Every Size (HAES). She supports the Harm Reduction approach to care and frequently collaborates with Registered Dietitians and Psychiatrists. Meredith looks forward to supporting you with compassion, empathy and evidence-based practices.

Email Meredith here.

Call Meredith at (630) 426-9719.

Request an appointment with Meredith via online portal here.

Meredith Entler LCPC

Nadia Hallak, Psy.D., LPC
Therapist & EMDR Practitioner

Nadia Hallak, LPC
Therapist | EMDR Practitioner

With all the stressors in our society today, a client needs an experienced, caring clinician who can be a consistent source of support and offer evidence-based, effective therapeutic treatment. Nadia has worked to achieve this with adolescents, adults and couples.


Deeply empathic, Nadia believes that if she can understand the client’s world and their experiences, then she can truly understand their emotions and values. Nadia helps her clients reach their full potential and helps them make desired changes in order to meet their needs and goals.


Nadia relies on a broad set of therapeutic tools including Client-centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and EMDR for helping clients process PTSD and extreme trauma. Nadia enjoys working with clients from different cultures and age groups. Her specialties include cultural psychology, acculturation, relationship issues, trauma, adolescents and couples facing discernment, separation and divorce.

Nadia also has 15 years of experience as a Psychology Professor. Her masters thesis consisted of the effect of acculturation on anger expression, while her doctoral dissertation consisted of the effect of emotion on marital satisfaction. Nadia is fluent in Arabic and Hebrew. 

Email Nadia here.

Call Nadia at (312) 659-9606.

Request an appointment with Nadia via phone or email. 

Nadia Hallak

Nicole Knebelsberger, LSW

Are you looking for a therapist for yourself, your pre-teen or teen? Or perhaps you're a teen yourself looking for guidance. Do you or your child struggle with big emotions, relationships, perfectionism or other life stressors? Do you or your child have difficulty at work or school, with appropriate social skills or with executive functioning? If so, Nicole could be a great fit for you.

Nicole works with adolescents, adults and families struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress, school issues, grief/loss, executive functioning, social skills, self-esteem and life transitions.


As a former teacher and school social worker, Nicole is adept to school issues, referral processes and varying student abilities and needs. She is laid back, open, inclusive and here to support and guide you and your family through the therapy process. 


Nicole utilizes a strengths-based, eclectic approach including aspects of CBT, DBT and ACT. Together, you will create a plan that works to best meet your needs. Nicole strives to create a space in which her clients can be their authentic selves and cannot wait to work with you.

Email Nicole here.

Call Nicole at (630) 426-9719.

Request an appointment with Nicole via phone or email.

Nicole Knebelsberger

Nabela Ashraf, LSW

Nabela's results-driven therapy approach, infused with humor and straightforwardness, will help you facilitate the meaningful and rapid change you have been looking for. She firmly believes we all carry the capacity for success and improvement, yet there may be times when we lack the necessary skills, knowledge or tools to achieve our goals.


Nabela will engage you in highlighting your strengths while collaboratively devising actionable plans for solutions. Her primary focus is on empowering you to move toward increased insight, skill development and identifying resolutions to your current problems. 

Nabela is dedicated to educating individuals and couples about mental wellness and assisting her clients in developing the skills needed to achieve health in all areas of life.

Nabela specializes in treating adolescents, adults and couples facing anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship conflict, parenting stress and self-esteem concerns. Nabela looks forward to partnering with you to achieve change, healing and personal growth. 

Email Nabela here.

Call Nabela at (630) 426-9719.

Request an appointment with Nabela via online portal here.

Nabela Ashraf LSW

Titi Fadiya, LSW

Titi is passionate about supporting adolescents, adults and families on their journey towards healing, self-exploration and growth. Providing a haven of warmth and support, Titi offers a genuine and comfortable space for her clients to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns and experiences without judgement.

Setting personalized goals based on their presenting concerns and desire for improvement, Titi works with her clients from an evidenced-based framework. She utilizes a range of clinical approaches including trauma-informed, CBT, DBT and mindfulness.


Working in tandem, you will create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs so that you can confidently achieve your goals with authenticity, increased insight and dignity. 

Titi brings special insight and experience to those facing challenges related to trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, substance use, parenting, crisis management and medical/health-related challenges. Titi incorporates humor, life experience, direct feedback and insight in her work.

Email Titi here.

Call Titi at (773) 398-1287. 

Request an appointment with Titi via phone or email. 

Titilayo Fadiya LSW

Aarin Fisher, LPC

There comes a point in all of our lives that we could use the help of a professional when we are lacking the proper tools for success. This is also true when seeking support for your mental health. Finding a mental health provider to assist you in finding better ways to cope and manage whatever you are struggling with is a brave move and this is the first big step in your journey toward mental wholeness.

My psychodynamic approach will allow us to explore the root causes of your struggles. Through my eclectic style we will build a relationship to create treatment goals specific to you and your needs. I specialize in working with individuals affected by past trauma, teens, women’s issues, couples (both monogamous and polyamorous) and offer culturally informed treatment for Black/African Americans.

I offer a non-judgmental space to help support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Email Aarin here.

Call Aarin at (630) 426-9719.

Request an appointment with Aarin via online portal here.

Aarin Fisher LPC
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